Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day Five: Manos de Esperanza

 I think that is where I will be teaching English two times a week and help with kids or women. 
When we arrived there, we met with Jorge and his wife who were helping American couple Matt and Shelly with the organization. 

Their main focus was on the community, social stability and possibly planting a church in the future. 

Some of the projects could include: 

    • Teaching 
    • Construction 

  • Fund/Cloth raising 
  • Sport camps for youth 
  • Medical
  • Agriculture
  • Ministry 
  • Micro business
  • .... and many many more..... the opportunities are endless

 After a quick talk about who Emerging Voices are and where we would like to to help, Matt, Shelly, Gloria, Jorge and I took off to visit a few houses to see what could be done. 

That was incredible. People live in places that luck basic sanitary conditions. 

I am going back on Monday to see where and how we can help. 

To get more information about Manos de Esperanza, go to


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