Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day Four: Live and Learn

When people start volunteering they feel like they are there to teach and give. Little we know about how much we actually learn and receive by doing the service to others.

For the past four days I have been working with the disabled children doing physical therapy and helping in a swimming-pool. The most I learned is that you can't go to work with your complexes, problems, sad face and bad attitude.

You have to open your heart and spit out the truth about yourself; otherwise, how are they going to trust you? In the water there is an exceptional feeling of trust. If you let them go or they don't trust you, they can't go to the middle of the swimming pool with you, can't relax and float in the water, or learn how to swim.

I love my job more the more I work with them.

The best thing about the class was that a swimming teacher taught me how to swim. I knew the doggy and the froggy style and now I can swim for real like a Ukrainian swimming champ! 

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