Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day Three: One Step At a Time

Today was a fairly productive day. I woke up at 5:45am, run and exercised for an hour, had arrepa and coffee for breakfast, talked to Monica via skype and at 2pm was out of the door to Covida. 

**** Covida is the place with special education kids where I will be working helping in the swimming pool.

When I arrived, the lady at the front door told me I should come back at 5pm. What do I do in three hours? So I went for a walk to the downtown area. I still have no idea how big this town is but when I was walking and run into one of Gloria's nephews on the street, I figured it was fairly small. 

I also found a dance school where you can learn anything from ballet to Arabic dance for $35 for 7 hours of private lesson or take a rumba terapia for $17/month for 2 hours/week. I might sign up. 

When I arrived to Covida at 4pm, the director invited me to do physical therapy with the kids. To be honest, never thought you have to be yourself pretty strong to do it. We had to lift kids and run around but the time flew by. It was just a bunch of playing on the mats. 

The swimming pool started at 5pm and there I was helping one little girl to swim and dive. For me who doesn't like to put the head into the water it was also a good practice and challenge. 

The best thing about all the day is that the professors in Codiva receive you as one of them and explain in what and how I cold help the kids. And of course, when you see the shiny eyes of the kiddos, you can't resist to come back again. 

                               Watching the kids from the street

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