Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day Two: Planting the seed

Planting the seed is always the most thrilling part of the job.

This morning we went to talk to the director of Social work in Armenia. She was excited to meet us and more excited that we were there to help. Apparently, she had tons of projects for us to work on but wanted us to meet with the rest of the “social work” team to present about Emerging Voices. 

That will be done next week but meanwhile Gloria and I decided to visit a few other organizations to see if I can start working tomorrow. When you travel, have little time but lots of desire to help, you can’t waist time waiting for a 20 minute meeting when you can start doing something good right now. 

So there we were: 

1st place: Fenacorsol IPS (the rehab for Drug addicts) There I would teach English and Zumba, or some sort of exercise class. 

2nd place: Covida (Special Ed Kids) I would help the autism, mentally and physically challenge kids with swimming lessons and physical therapy as well. 

I loved both of places and in both organizations there was a lot of potential for volunteer work and possibility to start helping that same minute.  

So what did I do? – went a got an Olympic style swimming suite to start working tomorrow! 

I am very excited and can’t wait to share more about the experience. 

        The place for people with drugs and alcohol addiction 
                          Where they cook   
                           Where they eat

                     Where they learn and talk 

                         Where they sleep 

                 The place for disabled children 

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